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jCART - carrito con jQuery DevMass Cart is a shopping cart system for both small and large companies.
<phpPaypalPro> phpPaypalPro is an object-oriented PHP 5 framework engineered to integrate easily with the Website Payments Pro API from Paypal. You can complete the DoDirectPayment, SetExpressCheckout, GetExpressCheckoutDetails, and DoExpressCheckoutPayment operations in just 3 lines or less.<Shopping Cart Builder> Shopping Cart Builder is a complete e-commerce suite for simple and advanced shopping cart needs. It is designed for businesses and developers. It can run standalone or integrated into any site. Shopping Cart Builder allows a merchant to setup and operate an online store quickly and easily.
<Zen Cart> Zen Cart is an e-commerce solution written in PHP. The program is designed to make online shopping easy for customers and simple for the shop owner to manage. Its features include built-in gift certificates and discount coupons, a template system, "register globals off"-compatibility, and many more.<Paypal Shopping Cart> Paypal Shopping Cart is designed to accept PayPal payments. It supports multiple categories and products, custom total price calculation, discount pricing, image upload, a HTML order page generator, and instant payment notification.
<Quick.Cart> Quick.Cart is a fast, simple, and multilingual shopping cart. It is based on flat files. There is full administration for categories, products, contents, and orders.

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