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<Autoload> Autoload - Autoload classes from given directories<HTTP Locale> HTTP Locale - Get the idiom and country of the user browser
<Page indexer> Page indexer - Show Google style links to browse listings<Nested Nodes Class> Nested Nodes Class - Manage hierarchies of MySQL database records
<Singly Linked List> Singly Linked List<HTTP client> HTTP client is a PHP class to make HTTP requests. It can submit requests via a proxy server and establish secure connections (HTTPS) with optional SSL client certificates
<pork.dbObject> pork.dbObject - Map objects into MySQL database table rows<Yap> Yap (Yet Another Pager) is a PHP pager that supports row editing and interactive search patterns. It has two view modes, table view and detail view.
<Error Class> Error Class - Handle errors sending notification messages<Microformats Parser > Microformats Parser - Extract microformat data embedded in HTML
<Metastorage> Metastorage is an application that automatically generates code for an Object Oriented API to store, retrieve and manipulate the persistent objects of classes described in a high level data model definition.
<HTTP Spy> HTTP Spy - Crawl and retrieve remote site pages
<HTTP protocol client> HTTP protocol client - HTTP client to access Web site pages<PHP RAR> PHP RAR - Pack files in compressed RAR archives
<The Zip extension> The Zip extension for PHP aims to provide a convenient and powerful set of functionality to work with zip archives. It can read, write, and create zip archives. It also supports stream access to any archive entry. It is 100% compatible with the old versions of the extension (which were read-only).<Overall Tag View> Overall Tag View - Extract and display specific HTML tags from pages
<Session in Cookies> Session in Cookies - Session handler that stores data in cookies Manipulate Unicode and unencoded strings
phpizer - Load and adapt class to the current PHP version<PSI (PHP Simple Informer)> PSI (PHP Simple Informer) is a very simple network services monitoring application written in PHP. It can be run as a command-line application (PHP compiled as CGI is required) or as a Web PHP file.
Hippo AJAX Link - Generate HTML links to process AJAX requests mabp::cache - Capture and process the output of Web pages
Database Connection Classes - Abstract the access to SQL databases Easy Cron - Schedule site down time period
<Directory Match> Synchronize the files between two directories

This class can be used to synchronize files between two directories.

It lists all files in a source directory and sees if they are present in a target directory. The missing files are copied to the destination directory.

The class also logs the listing of the missing files to a file named imageText.txt .
<Directory Match> Directory Match - Synchronize the files between two directories
<PHP ZIP Code Database> PHP ZIP Code Database is a PHP script with a MySQL ZIP code database table. Each entry includes a ZIP code, latitude, and longitude. Functions for latitude and longitude lookups are included<Proxy Detector> Proxy Detector is a PHP class that can detect HTTP requests via proxy. This class can detect if a visitor uses a proxy server by scanning the headers returned by the user client. When the user uses a proxy server, most of the proxy servers alter the header. The header is returned to PHP in the array $_SERVER.
<FIND> find - Search files on the server side Class: Watermark and Resize v1.1

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