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Vanilla is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, theme-able, pluggable discussion forum for the web.<Quicksilver Forums> Quicksilver Forums is a fast, feature rich bulletin board system. It is fully object oriented and optimized for speed, ease of use, and easy modification
PHP/MySQL - p2p Community Forums<BBclone> BBclone is a PHP Web counter on steroids which displays individual logs as well as aggregated data. It is a clone of Big Brother webstats, except that it is written in PHP and it relies only on flat files (no database needed). BBclone enables any Web site administrator to have a very precise view of who visit the website: OS, browser, date, referring page etc. Main features include reload resistance, hostname resolution, proxy workaround, and blacklist.
<XennoBB> XennoBB is an easy-to-use bulletin board. It is very fast, stable, secure, and modern. It features a simple but powerful templating system which allows you to integrate the forum into any Web site with just a few code changes. Its modular design allows you to plug in third-party modules or plugins into your forum.

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