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<PHP JavaScript Tooltip Generator Class> PHP JavaScript Tooltip Generator Class is a PHP class that can generate JavaScript tooltips. It works on all major browsers, but transparency is not supported on Opera. In Internet Explorer, the tooltips show above HTML SELECT elements as they should. The appearance of the tooltips is template driven. Only onmouseover/onmousemove events need to be sepcified, not onmouseout.<GeSHi > GeSHi is a generic syntax highlighter for PHP that takes any source code and highlights it in XHTML and CSS.
watermark - Apply watermark text to an image
Simple Browser Detection
rsmysql - Measure time spent executing MySQL queries
debuglib.php PHPUnit is a family of PEAR packages (PHPUnit2 for PHP 5, PHPUnit for PHP 4) that supports the development of object-oriented PHP applications using the concepts and methods of Agile Software Development, Extreme Programming, Test-Driven Development and Design-by-Contract Development by providing an elegant and robust framework for the creation, execution and analysis of Unit Tests.
Apache Ant is a Java-based build tool. In theory, it is kind of like Make, but without Make's wrinkles.<PHing> PHing Is Not GNU make; it's a project build system based on Apache Ant.

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