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<WebIssues> WebIssues is a system that supports team collaboration across the Internet. It can be used for storing bugs and other information with customizable attributes, comments, and file attachments. The server can be installed on any host with PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL. The client is a KDE application which is faster and more comfortable than Web-based interfaces.<NmnLogger > NmnLogger is a small set of PHP classes which provide a simple but effective logging mechanism, giving the ability to create complex and functional logging systems within minutes. NmnLogger relies on a small XML config file, where you can set up all your logging preferences. Logging drivers to dispatch logs to mail, text files, on screen, or to any destination for which you write a driver. The format in which the log is displayed can be modified.
PHP Sessions Management Class implements a new PHP session handler that can replace the default PHP session handler by storing session data in a MySQL database table.

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