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Teléfono inalámbrico DECT Gigaset Siemens SL560 Bluetooth.<Linux Bluetooth Remote Control> Linux Bluetooth Remote Control (LBRC) is a remote control program that allows a Linux computer to be controlled by a J2ME device via Bluetooth. It is divided into a server part that runs on the computer and reacts to input events and a client part that runs on the J2ME device. The J2ME client sends the device's keycodes, which are translated to keystrokes, mouse movements, mouse clicks, or other input events on the controlled computer.
BLUEHACK - Seguridad en Bluetooth Manual de FreeBSD - Capítulo 27. Networking avanzado
luediving is a Bluetooth pentesting suite. It implements attacks like Bluebug, BlueSnarf, BlueSnarf++, BlueSmack, and features like Bluetooth address spoofing. TRUST - Bluetooth information
This is how to make a Bluetooth headset work with XP SP2

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