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FFmpeg muy eficiente con VP8 [EN]<VP8> Mozilla trying to build VP8 into HTML5 video
<Theora> Theora: Ptalarbvorm project update 20100518 Lightworks SPECS - editor de video
<LIGHTWORKS> LIGHTWORKS - Oscar winning video editor goes open-source Comparativa videos youtube Vs Theora
Another online-video comparison - THEORA VIDEO y HTML5
HTML5 Video html5 video fallbacks with markup
using-the-html5-video-tag-with-a-flash-fallback OpenShot 1.0
How To Build VideoLAN Movie Creator (VLMC) In Ubuntu mythtv - Released 8th March 2008 . Added support for ASUSTeK MyCinema P7131 Hybrid card
Edición de imagen y animación en GNU/Linux BBC GOES TO LINUX
<Images2dvgui> Images2dvgui is an application to make a video images slideshow. The export formats are DV (Raw .dv, Raw.dif, AVI Type 1, and AVI Type 2) and MPEG (VCD, SVCD, XVCD, and DVD). It's possible to add sound. It's possible to add transitions between images, and the transition type can be defined for each image. Avermedia TVPhone en Linux (83280 lectures)
<Axmjpeg> Axmjpeg retrieves JPEG images from an MJPEG over HTTP stream that conforms to the "Axis Video API, HTTP Interface Specification." Each captured JPEG image may be written to a file or piped through to a shell command for further processing. It also supports time-based retrieval, where one image per specified interval is captured.<unicap> unicap provides a uniform interface to video capture devices
Interactive Camera-Projector System - manejo interactivo linux kde Freevo, contrúyete tu videoJukebox universal.
Hay vida más allá de YouTube - Ogg Theora<vncrec> Twibright vncrec is a patched vncviewer client that allows producing YUV4 MPEG2 videos from VNC sessions. It is suitable for making instructional, educational, or demo screenshot videos and quickly transcoding into a wide variety of video formats.
<Kdenlive> Kdenlive is a non-linear video editor for KDE. It provides all project management and editing tools while relying on a separate rendering framework (currently MLT/FFmpeg) to perform the editing operations. Kdenlive provides dual video monitors, a multi-track timeline, and clip list.<64 Studio> 64 Studio develops a distribution of native free software for digital content creation on x86_64 hardware
<recordMyDesktop> recordMyDesktop is a program that captures audio and video data from a Linux desktop session, producing an Ogg-encapsulated Theora-Vorbis file. The main goal is to be as unobstrusive as possible by proccessing only regions of the screen that have changed.<ZONEMINDER> ZONEMINDER - video vigilancia bajo linux
<vnc2swf> vnc2swf is a recording tool for VNC that records sessions and generates a Macromedia Flash movie file (SWF). It can be used as an X11 recorder or a Windows desktop recorder. Grabando vídeo de lo que hacemos en pantalla

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