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<XdOrGntfRHEhVnCm> florida auto insurance 021 auto insurance 037459 car insurance quotes mqm distribuciones-linux-para-chicos - LINUX NIÑOS
<Scratch> Scratch: programación sencilla de animaciones y juegos para niños SCRATCH - MIT - Animaciones fáciles a base de 'ladrillos'
WIKIPEDIA EN CASTELLANO - abril 2007 descargable<WIKIPEDIA> WIKIPEDIA - bajate la wikipedia entera
<OLPC> OLPC's Linux-based operating system available for download LiveCD del sistema operativo del portátil de 100 dólares.
Emulating the OLPC XO On Windows<OLPC> OLPC - Ya se puede probar el sistema operativo que tendrán las máquinas
<Linux en Clase> Linux en Clase<LinuxEnClase> Proyecto LinuxEnClase
<Manslide> Manslide is a tool for generating slideshows. It supports 3D special effects and is very simple to use.<LINKAT> LINKAT - cd live educativo Cataluña
<Userful Desktop Multiplier > Userful Desktop Multiplier is a virtualized X server that turns one computer into ten "workstations" by using extra video cards, keyboards, and monitors. This approach offers significantly higher performance and lower hardware costs than Thin Client or LTSP. It installs on most popular Linux distributions (Red Hat, Novell/SuSE, Fedora, Mandriva, Xandros, Linspire, Ubuntu, etc.). It supports USB touch screens (Elotouch, Microtouch), card-swipes, barcode scanners, as well as all virtually all video cards supported by X. It features easy setup and graphical configuration. EJEMPLOS EDUCATIVOS DE JCLIC:

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