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Rice University graduate student extends WiFi for a mile using empty TV stations Un español crea una aplicación para averiguar la contraseña Wi-Fi de redes Telefónica
Seguridad en redes WiFi, mitos y verdades ANTENA WIFI BOTE NESCAFE
<Libellium> La empresa Libellium cuyos desarrollos se basan en software y hardware libre. Utilizan Arduino en sus productos además de ser los distribuidores de las versiones montadas del circuito. Reventado aun más el protocolo WEP
<wpa-buddy> wpa-buddy is a tool to decrypt WPA-PSK protected traffic. It can work in real-time (sniffing packets from a network interface) or in batch mode (reading packets from a capture file). It also produces nice output telling you what's going on. wpa-buddy currently supports WPA and WPA2 (this last only in the unstable version).<AIRCRACK FAQ> AIRCRACK FAQ
<weplab> weplab<WEPLAB> WEPLAB - New tool to crack WEP keys under GNU/Linux
<How To Crack WEP> How To Crack WEP Create a secure Linux-based wireless access point
Autor: Aironjack
<Wlandecrypter> Wlandecrypter es un programa para desencriptar muy rapidamente las redes inalambricas con el nombre WLAN_XX ( XX son dos digitos hexadecimales). Estas redes son tipicas de los router de IMAGENIO y ADSL de telefonica.
aircrack documentation Cracking the WEP

Now we have a file ready to be sent to the butcher. This is where Aircrack comes in. It will use the Airodump data and start the cracking process to generate the correct key. To break 128 bit WEP, the file will need to have 200,000 to 700,000 unique IV packets. Assuming that we have a good enough file, we attack the file to get the key. Using Aircrack, the command should look like this from the root level command line shell:

root@home[]# aircrack -f 2 -m XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX -n 128 -q 3 keygen*.cap
<MAC address> How do I change my card's MAC address ?

Under linux: for example, if you have an Atheros card:
ifconfig ath0 down
ifconfig ath0 hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:55
ifconfig ath0 up

Pay attention, it doesn’t work with all drivers.
Under Windows, you may use macmakeup.
Hash function - wikipedia
Online cryptography, hashing and PIN block sanity checking for EftPos developers.
If you want to associate to this AP with linux :
iwconfig ath0 mode managed essid key 9A:22:XX:XX:XX channel

with Windows :
enter the key : 9A22XXXXXX in windows wifi manager
AIRCRACK FAQ - muy util
weplab - analyze and crack WEP encryption (both 64 and 128 keys) PSP WiFiSniffer : A basic access point sniffer I wrote in 2 hours right after getting PSP SDK. Features code from examples, but in a usable form.
Wireless LAN Sniffer Applications for Linux

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