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BLOG SOBRE VIRTUALIZACION - VMWARE CITRIX + SERVIDOR VNC - debian-lenny-en-xenserver-con-entorno-grafico-gnome
<phoronix > The Phoronix Test Suite is the most comprehensive testing and benchmarking platform available that provides an extensible framework for which new tests can be easily added. T<OpenStack> OpenStack is a collection of open source technologies delivering a massively scalable cloud operating system.
Escritorio remoto linux ubuntu Comparativa de Virtualizacion en Linux Vmware vs VirtualBox vs Xen
C:Program FilesSunVirtualBoxVBoxManage internalcommands setvdiuuid origen.vdi
pause 0
Virtualiza tu partición de XP desde Ubuntu con VirtualBox
Ejecutar Windows instalado en el disco duro desde Ubuntu usando VirtualBox Sun xVM VirtualBox Virtual Disk Images
<CloneVDI> CloneVDI tool - VIRTUALBOX Disk2vhd - virtualizar disco duro completo
<Installing VirtualBox > Installing VirtualBox MULTIMON - free version Oscar Multimonitor
<SPLITVIEW> Splitview - recorta un monitor largo virtual en multiples monitores : ) Using Remote Desktop with Dual Monitors
Terminal Services, VDI, and Citrix Multiple Monitor Support? No Problem with the Virtual Display Manager! <SplitView 2008> SplitView 2008 - Terminal Server Edition (con ULTRAMON incorporado)
<WINDOWS XP Y LINUX A LA VEZ> WINDOWS XP Y LINUX A LA VEZ How do I… Install VMware Server 1.04 onto an Ubuntu Linux system?
SeamlessRDP - seamless windows support for rdesktop XEN - PROCESADORES COMPATIBLES CON VIRTUALIZACION
VMware Predicts Death To Operating Systems Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP simultaneously running virtualized on Linux
VIRTUALBOX - Status: Guest OSes UBUNTU - Howto VirtualBox (competidor contra vmware)
VirtualBox Download VIRTUALIZACIONES - portal sobre virtualizacion
Windows XP en una ventana de tu Ubuntu gracias a VMware Server <Qemu> Windows XP Under Qemu How To
Virtualizar una partición Windows ya existente<VirtualBox> VirtualBox, virtualización bajo licencia GPL.
Virtualizar Ubuntu con VMWare<Virtual Linux> Virtual Linux - An overview of virtualization methods, architectures, and implementations
<KVM> KVM: Kernel-based Virtual Machine for Linux KVM permitirá arrancar imágenes de Linux y Windows sin necesitar de otras soluciones externas como pueden ser VMware o Xen.
Máquinas Virtuales: Porque un sistema operativo no es suficiente Bartlby is a network and system monitor, completely written in C, to provide a scalable framework with the ability to monitor networks of various sizes. It consists of a core daemon, several plugins, and a Web GUI (PHP extension). The core daemon checks (over active/passive TCP) services/hosts and notifies users in case of critical service conditions (mail, SMS, ICQ, and custom triggers are supported). Bartlby provides an open plugin interface to give every administrator an easy to use option to extend the plugin base, and a fully customizable GUI (written in PHP using a C extension). Nearby everything can be controlled via an XML interface.
Building A Virtual Cluster with Xen Building a Virtual Cluster with Xen (Part Two)
<Parallels Workstation > Parallels Workstation is powerful desktop virtualization solution that provides the ability to develop, test, and deploy in multiple operating systems on a single PC. It supports nearly every standard x86-based operating system, including the entire Windows family, multiple Linux distributions, Solaris, OS/2, MS-DOS, and FreeBSD, each of which can be launched and utilized in completely networked, fully portable, totally independent virtual containers. Sistemas informaticos redundantes
<XEN SOURCE> XEN SOURCE xen-tools is a collection of simple perl scripts which allow you to easily create new guest Xen domains upon your Debian GNU/Linux host.
Clúster virtual con Xen VirtualIQ 525 is a free solution which monitors and manages up to 5 CPUs or 25 virtual machines.
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